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The Need. 

The world is in desperate need of more people to plant Gospel-centred, mission-driven, Spirit-empowered, reproducing churches. Church planting, when done right, is still the single best way to fulfill the Great Commission. But it must be done right – which means it must be done by the right person with right team, and have sufficient training and support.

The Advance Church Planters Course (ACPC) exists to equip suitable people, both theologically and practically, effectively to plant and lead Gospel-centred, missional, Spirit-empowered and reproducing churches, linking them to supportive peer and coaching relationships in the process.

Who is ACPC for?

  1. For potential, in-process and recent church-planters and congregation-planters.
  2. Established church leaders and congregation leaders who want to revisit and reinforce their foundations for greater effectiveness.

What are the entry requirements for ACPC?

Other than recommendation by trusted church leaders, there will be an initial assessment process that proves the suitability of the person for church-planting. If you are already a church leader no such assessment will be required.

What is the length and format of the ACPC?

The course is run slightly differently in different countries, but the standard format is that it is 2 years long, and consists of 6 modules, at 3 per year. Each module is 10 weeks long, with breaks in between. A new person may start at any module, since the modules are not sequential. A standard module consists of four components:

  1. Reading and listening: Several weeks working through readings and mp3s.
  2. Cohort: You meet 1-3 times per module with your cohort - a small group of other people doing the course, to discuss learnings. This can be done in person of via online conferencing.
  3. Intensive: You meet once per module with a larger group of fellow student for 1-3 days where you will be exposed to several leading practitioners and can develop relationships with other planters and leaders.
  4.  Assignments: complete and hand-in two 8-12 page papers.

 After each module the participant will be given a mark that measures participation and effort.

Participation of married couples.

Since church planting is a venture that requires full commitment from both husband and wife, though not enforced, ideally both husband and wife should participate fully in the course together. Some wives choose to do only some aspects of the course. 


The fee structures for different countries are available from the Course Coordinators in different nations.

Contact the Course Coordinators.

South Africa                       

David Adams  

UK and Europe

Pete CorNford

North America

TOM TAPPING                                         

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